‘Melanie helped me to finally realise my goal of giving up cigarettes.  She worked really hard to help me recognise, and overcome, all the reasons that had stopped me from achieving this previously.  Melanie gave me lots of tools to help me in times of temptation, which made the whole process easier than I thought it would be. I am no longer a smoker and I have a lot to thank Melanie for’

Mrs Pike

 ‘A combination of work and personal pressures had lead me to a situation where I was suffering from stress and depression, and found it very difficult to see a way forward. After a few sessions with Melanie, I felt more empowered to deal with the demands my life was presenting me and to use the various techniques I’d learned to enable me to relax, to prioritise things and to cope more effectively.’

Mr Metcalfe

‘Before I started working with Melanie I was in a really bad place, my parents had just split up and I was unable to deal with anything that life was throwing at me. From the first session with Melanie I already felt better as I knew I had amazing support behind me. She has allowed me to deal with the problems I had and cope with things better in the future. I am now a lot happier with my relationship, my parents, my body confidence and I have a  healthier lifestyle, this is all thanks to the support that Melanie has given me.’

Miss P

 ‘I had been a smoker for 33 years and wanted to stop, but was finding it difficult to break the habit. I warmed immediately to Melanie and unbelievably it took just one session!!  It was amazing, I found that I didn’t even think about having a cigarette.  All the words she put in my head about how unprofessional it looked struck a chord for me. I am so pleased to be a non-smoker and would recommend Melanie and her treatments to all.  I think she could help with just about anything!!!’

Mrs Eacott

‘I’ve been listened to, not judged unfairly, and had my action points adapted & tailored to suit me even as I’ve changed my goals. It has been well worth it.’

Mr Baseer

I first approached Melanie when I was on the cusp of a change within my professional role. Melanie spent time developing a trusting, therapeutic relationship and an in depth understanding of my personal challenges and fears; she devised individualised strategies and techniques to help me confront the demands asked of me. Melanie was mindful at all times in ensuring I was comfortable and happy with her approach. Melanie’s life coaching skills unquestionably helped facilitate the achievement of desired professional and personal objectives and I would certainly recommend her skilful input to colleagues and friends’

Mrs Radcliffe

 If you get any more brilliant you’ll explode!

Mrs Carroll



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